Welcome to Maier's Ranch & Grove. Our grove is in De Luz which is in the Temecula hills on the West side of Temecula. Our ranch is located in the Temecula Wine-country which is on the East side of Temecula.
We created this site to share our ranch and grove with you. We hope that you will enjoy your visit with us.

There are more than 21+ wineries in Temecula area with 5 more establishments coming in the new year. There are over 2000+ acres of vineyards spreading around the Temecula Valley.
We planted our own vineyard at the end of 2004. It already produced a fine batch of Cabernet Franc wine in 2005.

Since 1999, we own and operate our own avocado grove in De Luz on the west side of Highway 15. We have 1500 avocado trees and we plan to build a small cottage for a retreat at this property as well.

We hope that you will visit us in person in the future. If you're planning a trip here, use our listings to help plan it.
We'd enjoy having you visit us. Check out local vineyards and visit the wineries for wine-tasting offerings while you're in the vicinity.

Please visit California Avocado Commsion for the information about avocado.
California Avocado Commission

In the meantime our avocado groves are for sale. Please visit the multiple listing site: Multiple Listing For Avocado Properties

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View from the top lot (11.30 Acres)
View from the top lot (11.30 Acres)
New 360 Avocado trees on the top lot (11.30 Acres)
Maier Grove - Avocado bins.
Palm trees and white fence -bottom lot (9.56 Acres)
Maier Avocados
Maier Grove - View from the top lot (11.30 Acres)
View from the top lot (11.30 Acres)
Photos above are from the Maier De Luz Land / Avocado Groves.
(photo from Santa Margarita Ecological Preserve's Web Cam)
(photo from Santa Margarita Ecological Preserve's Web Cam)
(3 photos above from Santa Margarita Ecological Preserve's Web Cams)
Our grove is also situated right next door to a beautiufl estate home which is for sale
for $2,350,000 - (with 5 acres)
One of our next door neighbors.
Please email me for more info.
Jieranai Maier,
About Tarbell & Me.
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http://fs.sdsu.edu/kf/reserves/smer/ http://fs.sdsu.edu/kf/reserves/virtual.php

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